LED Fairy String Lights - 5M

    • Smart Fairy Lights- Connected your Alexa Fairy Lights with 2.4GHz Wi-Fi on the "Smart Life" APP, then you can control the brightness, choose the colour mode, set timer schedules of the smart fairy lights by app anywhere easily.
    • Ideal Fairy Lights Indoor & Outdoor Decor- LED fairy lights are IP65 waterproof. It can be used not only as indoor fairy lights but also as outdoor fairy lights. The smart fairy lights have dozens of colour-changing modes, and you can customize the colour changing mode.
    • Remote & APP Control with Multiple Modes- The colour changing fairy lights can be controlled by a multifunctional remote and APP Smart Life (iOS & Android). You can freely adjust the brightness, colour, colour mode, and turn-on and turn-off schedule.
    • Sound-Activated Music Mode- USB fairy lights are built-in smart beat sensors, the LED fairy lights can change according to the beats of the music. You can customize the sensitivity and colour.

    Customer Reviews

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    Easy To Install, Nice & Bright!

    Please Note : I received this product in return for me unbiased opinion and impartial review.I've used these types of led strip lights a few times now. The one thing they all have in common is that they do add atmosphere to the program you're watching. This one is a little different in a couple of aspects. First of all, this sticks really well to the back of the (very dusty!) tv. I didn't get it in the right place first time, so had to remove and replace, but it went back on with no problem. Secondly, there are more functions for you to use. More of that later.The lights are very bright and I do think it's a matter of trial and error as to what your favourite colour will be. For me, I like either a purple or a neon green, dependant on what I'm watching. For example, the green works really well when watching football or anything or golf due to the grass, I think. The purple I like is good with films. Watching some Star Wars stuff it worked really well, as did Harry Potter.The remote is good for changing through your colour palette and operating the functions, but I don't think the lights can be operated properly without it. The music sync is good fun, but as an old codger, I won't be using it. My kids, on the other hand, love it, especially as they watch everything with the curtains closed, evening during the day!You know if you're in the market for this product, and I would wholeheartedly recommend it to you.

    Nice soft lighting

    Nice soft lighting and very easy to install would highly recommend. The wife loves them

    Luke Hicks

    They work good

    susan harris

    Great light and nice and bright

    Happy To Help!
    Love it! We now have cinema lighting!

    This TV light comes in a retail printed box with a remote control device, a USB lead (No Uk plug) a dozen or so sticky pads with hooks and an instruction manual.When I first saw the light out of the box I was a little underwhelmed tbh, it looks like a low rent Christmas tree light set but never mind, got to write a review so get on with putting it up.I have a 49" Curved Samsung TV so I am right in the middle of what they say this light is made for as it is sold for 40" to 60" Tv's.I stuck the hooks about 5cm in from all four edges on the back and ran the lights all the way round without any issues. The bulbs are like small whit pips and are equally spaced out.Good news! I found my TV actually has a USB plug on the back, I think it is meant to be fora webcam but as dont have a webcam I decided not to look a gift horse in the mouth and use it.I followed the instructions to connect it to the app and then too Alexa again, all good and simple enough!When I was finished I switched it on and played with the different options on the remote and all was well.So then came the big test, Alexa turn on the TV light (I changed its name!) and it came on! first time! WOW!Alexa make the TV light go blue! Believe it or not it did! And red And Yellow! Awesome!The lights can also go in a disco like flashing sequence of any colours (I haven't figured out how to get Alexa to do that though!) And when I turn off the TV the light goes off as well, result!My initial reaction to the light string was wrong I am amazed how much light this can put out and how we now watch films with just the TV back light and one other (see other review!) for a full on cinema effect.I would have got this years ago if I had realised how cool they are and how easy to set up and use! HTH