Smart Bulbs - 8 Modes - 4 Pack

    • APP remote control: Control the smart spotlight bulbs anywhere by your smartphone, no hub required, just need 2.4GHz Wi-Fi.
    • Multi colours & Tunable white: Switch to cool white, natural white, warm white or 16-million colours according to your needs, 1-100% dimming range meets the needs of various lighting scenarios.
    • Customized Scenes & Music Sync: With the preset 8-customizable modes, you can set the colour and brightness according to your needs and save and use it directly, and you can set a variety of colours to change at the speed you set to create a variety of good atmospheres. The Music Mode can change colours according to the rhythm of your music, allowing you to fully enjoy your party
    • Schedule: Automatically turn on the light when it is dark and turn off the light at the time you specify. As long as you set it in your APP, the smart bulb will automatically perform this operation at the time you specify.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 8 reviews
    Great product.

    Bought these at a great price on Prime day, but only able to purchase a pack of four because of promotion but my wife purchased four too on her account.They are quite easy to set up, but do think the app could have more options for different settings.

    Adam Collins
    Quality smart bulbs

    These bulbs were easy to fit and setup. Just downloaded the app from the app store, turned the lights on, added them to my network and after a few seconds they were working. Lots of presets to change the light colors which is nice to quickly change the mood of the room. Also allows to manually select which colour you like. Also allows automation to turn the lights on and off at selected times. Yet to try alexa commands but it recognised when I created a automated schedule so hopefully will work okay.

    Andrew Mcinnes
    Work fine for me

    I have read the reviews and wasn't sure if these would work fine as some people said about connection problems, mine have been woking fine (just now one didn't turn on with the rest) but I think that can be expected as these are wifi and you will get interference for time to time depending on where abouts in the house they are located and how good you wifi is, mine are housed in metal sockets down stairs with my router upstairs and like it said been working fine.The only bad think about them is the software, can't group them in smart things app, have looked at how to do this and they should have a way to look at the setting/properties to group them but they don't, other than that I can control them fine with colour and differnt white settings and can group them in the alexa app (this does mean can only group them once), I will be buying more to seem how many I can have on my wifi. Ps the colour is dimmer but it does state that, the white is bright.

    Jules W
    Good Lights

    Bit fiddly to connect to Alexa/Smartlife. As some other people have mentioned, you need to connect them one by one. But once done they are nice lights and work fine. I have a small kitchen and found them to be bright enough.

    Exactly what I was looking for!

    These were a perfect solution for my problem, I wanted to add bulbs in my room that would work using my smart speakers. These bulbs are perfect and maintain a strong signal which allows me to easily control with my voice. The colours are great and can make it easy to change the mood of the room with a single command and the brightness is more than enough for what I needed.