Smart Light Bars - 27" - 45"

    • New Viewing Experience: The LED light bars sync easily with your TV or PC screen images and sounds. Enhance your gaming, movie, and musical experiences with vibrant lighting, 16-million colours, 12 preset modes, and RGBIC segmented colour control.
    • Voice Control: Create the ideal movie or gaming ambiance using simple voice commands with Alexa or Google Assistant. (Our Wi-Fi module is built in the camera).
    • Intelligent Camera: The camera captures colours on your TV or PC screen and automatically applies them to the lights. Enjoy efficient synchronization without needing an HDMI cable or being restricted by streaming services.
    • Sync Your Music: With a built-in mic, the light bars sync smoothly with your music or ambient sounds emitted from your TV/PC. Choose from four modes (Vivid, Rhythm, Strike, Vibrate), all great for live concerts, karaoke nights, or gaming worlds.
    • Smart App Features: Manage your Smart LED light bars easily with the Govee Home app. Moreover, you'll have access to a timer function, DIY colours, Video mode, Music sync, and Scene modes.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 9 reviews
    Mike Strong
    Incredible, I absolutely love these!

    Being a gamer, I love a bit of RGB and enjoy seeing what is available in new and cool ways of dealing with RGB.I have recently built up a new desk setup and I saw these and thought they would be a cool addition to the desk but I didnt realise just how good they were.Let's get the basics out of the way, well packaged, easy to set up and well built. I was surprised that they are mostly plastic but I guess that is good for protecting against drops etc. You also get desk stands and wall mount stands included.When you first fire them up you get a lovely even glow of the RGB, no hot spots and very little break in the colour. However when you set them up via the app is when they come alive! The app has different scenes and modes for the colours, such as full rainbow, breathing, static etc and the ability to make your own. The best for me is using the included camera on your monitor to mirror the edge colours and letting it bleed out over the side like an ambience glow. Its amazing!The camera is small and fits on the top of your monitor (could be an issue with very thin bezel monitors) and it captures the image and replicates it. The camera must have a really wide FOV to do this and it works great!For me though I like the general usage of the colour pre-sets and its one of the brightest and most even glowing RGB kits I have seen. I love it!The only downside is I did have a little issue initially getting the app to sign in and pair. So I deleted and reinstalled and it worked fine the next time.

    O dear

    Best thing I've brought this year.... So far

    Very easy to set up, Awsome colours lights.

    These flow pro lights can be installed horizontally or vertically either on a flat surfaced or when mounted to your PC or TV with the bracket. There is camera which intelligently recognizes and captures the colours on your TV or PC screen and automatically applies them to your backlights this is amazing! Them bars support RGBIC segmented colour control function, which makes the two light bars can display different colours at the same time. Enhance your gaming and movie viewing experience. All this look just great!Would I recommend this product? Yes of course because this is very good quality light bars for a reasonable price.

    Pascu Stelian
    Excellent immersion kit for smaller tv's/monitors

    Works great,bright with excellent immersion from the camera. App is easy to use and set up

    Shopping Again
    Great light bars

    To be honest I was not expecting it to work so good. I had some unbranded led strip that should do something similar, but results were appalling.These light bars does great job in detecting right colours and brightness that it really feels like part of image.Comes with camera, stands and all cables. Instructions are included and it’s quite clear how to set them up.It works fine with my TV, but setup is not ideal as my TV is hanging on the wall quite high. Need to check how to hang them behind or just next to TV. It’s designed to be freestanding.Connection to the app is simple and it works great. Did not tried any of smart assistants.Overall good quality and performance. Price is very attractive when comparing with bigger brands.