Camping Candle Lantern - Green

    • Three 9-hour candles in spring-loaded candle tubes for extra light and warmth or extra burn time.
    • Aluminium construction.
    • A glass chimney creates a windproof environment.
    • Includes twist lock base plus carrying handle.

    Customer Reviews

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    Five Stars

    Cool looking and functional.

    Christina Matheny
    It works

    I bought this after my sister got one and said it worked. Our lights went out ,due to a storm. I thought i would try to hat water on the top. I have an old corning wear tea pot I sat on the top. Within an hour the water was very hot. I would reconmend this great lantern to anyone for use in an emergency.

    Steve H.
    very nice! I've Posted many times how Great UCO lamps ...

    Fast delivery, securely wrapped, very nice! I've Posted many times howGreat UCO lamps are!! The three types of candles & a repair kit available.This is my first Candlelier, it's terrific! It's uses three candles instead of one.More light, .more citronella to keep bugs away, 3 beeswax candles, 36 hours ofLight instead of nine.Great to have in case of a power outage, if your a prepper,Or (OK I'll say it) In case the Zombies attack! Thanks AMC, The Walking Dead!!!

    No Bias FTW
    I bought the Aluminum version because I thought the exterior at least looks like polished Stainle...

    I bought two lamps from UCO: this named Candlelier and the Mini lamps. Both of them work very well, being quite bright for their size. The only problem I have is the rather deceptive coloring scheme of the Candlelier. I bought the Aluminum version because I thought the exterior at least looks like polished Stainless-Steel (and the exterior still looks like shiny steel when I used the close look function). Instead, the Candlelier was truly Aluminum (and quite white at that).I am still extremely satisfied with the lamps, though. I was able to get the small cup of water to boil and that would be perfect for my road trip. I do not really care about the exterior coloring anyway.

    Fantastic lantern!

    I bought this because I like the ambiance of candles and lanterns. This is a great way of setting the mood. I also wanted it for disaster preparedness. Candles don't go bad if stored properly. Buy a box or two of candles and a Candlelier and you have a dependable light source that should be ready to go for decades. Candles might be more expensive than bulk buy batteries for LED flashlights, but you don't ever have to worry about them going bad.The Candlelier puts out 5000 btus of heat, and tests on Youtube show that in an hour or two it should heat up a small cold space by 10 or 20 degrees depending. I haven't tested this myself, but I believe it.I wanted to try the Candlelier ability to boil small amounts of water. Most disaster preparedness stoves you might keep around like the Trangia alcohol stove or cans of Sterno are not to be used indoors as they emit harmful amounts of carbon monoxide. Now suppose your'e in a rustic cabin and the weather has gone to heck and you don't feel like going outside to cook with your other stove options. It will take a while, but you can cook a meal safely indoors with the Candlelier. I used a TOAKS 750ml titanium pot filled with exactly 2 cups of water, put the lid on, and put it on the Candlelier. In 1 hr 10 min I got the 2 two cups of water to a simmer-boil of about 185 F degrees. This is where lots of barley sized bubbles are coming up, but the water has not come to a 212 F degree rolling boil. There are several states of boiling, but it's important to remember that a temperature of 175 will destroy all active bacteria, yeast, and fungi, and 185 degrees is plenty hot for most cooking needs. I have no doubt the Candlelier can get 2 cups of water in a small pot with a tight fitting lid up to 212 F, but I believe it would take so long as to not be worth it.It's also important to remember that if you want to try boiling water with your Candlelier, you should use a small 750ml class pot with a tight fitting lid. If you leave the lid off, it's never going to boil. If you use a standard cooking pot from the kitchen, it'll probably never boil. And remember, it should get up to an 185 F simmer-boil in an hour or so, but it might take a great deal longer to get up to a 212 F rolling boil. Luckily, for almost all practical purposes, 185 F should work fine.Addendum: My boil test was performed at sea level in a 70 F room. Your mileage will vary depending on altitude and ambient temperature. UCO is a Seattle based company so when they say it will boil water, I believe they mean at sea level. I have no idea how long it would take to boil 2 cups of water at higher elevations. The Candlelier should never be your first choice for cooking in a disaster scenario. However, if you have a Solo Stove, Sterno cans, etc, and don't feel like going outside to use them, and you have time to kill, the Candlelier will step up to the plate, while at the same time putting out a worthwhile amount of light and heat and seriously cheering the place up.